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Are you looking for products to protect yourself during outdoor activities or when you are travelling abroad? At careplus-shop.co.uk you'll find exactly what you need! Care Plus® wants to encourage travellers, tourists, and day trippers to be as safe and healthy as possible. Care Plus® has an extensive selection of products which are specifically designed to ensure that you are fully prepared and protected on your travels. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in travel healthcare items. Protect yourself with the products of Care Plus® against insect bites, the sun, poor hygienic conditions and contaminated drinking water. We also offer first aid solutions for the most common accidents both at home and while travelling. All products are easy to take with you while you are travelling: the products are available in various sizes and have been developed by travel experts. Whether you stay in your home country, travel around Europe, or go somewhere tropical, Care Plus® can help you with the preparations beforehand and on site!

Care Plus® insect spray: The insect spray of Care Plus® is available in different sizes. The available sizes are 200 ml, 100 ml, 80 ml, 60 ml, 50 ml, 20 ml and 15 ml. In addition to the quantity, you can also choose the percentage of DEET in the product. We offer an insect repellent with 50% DEET, which can be ordered as a lotion or a spray, that provides protection for up to 10 hours against mosquitoes and 5 hours against ticks. Alternatively, you can choose an insect spray with 40% or 30% DEET. If you want to protect yourself, but do not want to or cannot use DEET, we also have a natural variant based on Citriodiol (lemon-eucalyptus extracts).

Care Plus® tick tweezers: In order to properly remove a tick from humans or animals, it is advisable to use a tick tweezers that has been specially developed for this purpose. With this tool you can quickly remove a tick. Ticks can cause unpleasant illnesses that you obviously want to avoid.

Care Plus® insect repellent hiking socks: The advantage of the Care Plus® hiking socks is that they offer protection against ticks. This is because the hiking socks are impregnated. View all insect repellent hiking socks.

Care Plus® blister plasters: Do you enjoy hiking or are you going on a holiday where you will be walking a lot? Then it is advisable to bring blister plasters. You will find three variants in our webshop.

Care Plus® O.R.S.: (Traveller's) diarrhoea or physical exertion such as walking, cycling, mountain climbing or exercising can lead to dehydration. O.R.S. (Oral Rehydration Salt) helps you rehydrate. Always take O.R.S. with you when you travel.

Care Plus® first aid kit: Being well prepared for travel means that you are prepared for all situations. By taking a handy travel first aid kit in your luggage, you can immediately act in the event of an accident. Care Plus® has the right first aid kit for every occasion.

Care Plus® mosquito net: Want to ensure that you are not bitten by mosquitoes or other insects while you are sleeping? Use a mosquito net from Care Plus®. It is advisable to sleep under a mosquito net when you are in areas where diseases such as dengue, zika or malaria occur. The travel mosquito nets from Care Plus® are easy to carry in your luggage.

Care Plus® sun protection: Besides protecting against insects, it is also important to protect yourself from the sun. It is always advisable to protect yourself from the sun while you are outdoors. This is especially important in the summer and in winter if you go skiing.

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At careplus-shop.co.uk you can order your travel items quicklya and easily. It's a one-stop shop for all your travel and healthcare items. We deliver directly from our own stock, so we can deliver quickly. The stock status of each product is indicated, so that you will not face any suprises. We offer more than 7 payment methods, so you can always pay safely with the payment method of your choice. If you have any questions about a product, you can always contact our customer service.