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8 absolute backpack essentisals

8 absolute backpack essentisals You want to go backpacking and you are ready to go: you have made a packing list that states exactly what clothes you are going to wear on your holiday snaps, which shoes you take with you for that hike through the jungle and what else you need to do the backpacking to make the best experience of your life. Of course, you will not forget your camera, world plug and passport! But… did you also think of these eight backpack essentials to get your trip safe and sound?

Stinging insects are not only irritating but can also be dangerous. In parts of the world such as South America, Asia and Africa they can carry serious diseases. For example, malaria, dengue or yellow fever. Avoid insects by wearing cover-up and light clothing, do not use perfumes or sweet-smelling lotions, and stay away from stagnant water. To optimally protect yourself; prefer to use an insect repellent during the day that contains 30% to 50% DEET.

You want to sleep peacefully at night to end the impressive day, and you want to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Make sure you keep your bedroom closed as much as possible so that the insects cannot enter. Choose a hotel room with a screen for the windows. Keep flies away by hanging plastic bags filled with water in the window frame. Or sleep under an (impregnated) mosquito net or mosquito net!

In countries like Egypt or India (where hygiene sometimes leaves something to be desired) you get diarrhea easily or run into food poisoning. If that happens, it is important to take good care of yourself and drink enough to replenish your fluids. Oral Rehydration Salts (O.R.S.) promotes the uptake of water, making you feel better in no time.

Of course, you do not take unnecessary risks during backpacking. Still, an accident like stumbling over your own flip flop happens. In the tropical climate you have a greater chance that your injury will start to ignite, so make sure to take good care of it. With a special Lightweight Traveller Kit, you have the most important items with you, without having to carry a million extra pounds on your back. If you want to be sure to have everything you might need; Care Plus® offers various first aid kits (big and small).

From hiking in the jungle for three days, to sightseeing every day and partying with friends in the evening: you do not have time for blisters! Your feet have a hard time during travels, so taking care of your feet is no unnecessary luxury. Make sure you wear good shoes and change your footwear regularly. With the Camphor Spray you prevent blisters and you do not have to stop for anything. Did you know that foot massages in Asia often cost only a few euros.

Most of the backpackers go to a place with a lot of sun, because sitting in the rain and cold can also be done at home. It is however important to make sure you protect yourself well against the sun. For example; wear airy clothes with long sleeves and trouser legs and a hat (that makes your outfit even more stylish). Make sure you use protection against the sun, for example with Anti Sunburn Outdoor & Sea SPF 50, which also protects you against jellyfish bites, corals and sea anemones. The package is designed to take up little space. This way you can easily carry it in your hand luggage on the plane or put it in your beach bag!

During backpacking in third world countries you do not always have (clean) running water, for example during multi-day hikes. Thanks to unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera, the cleansing hand gel from Care Plus® ensures clean and fresh hands without drying out your skin. So, you can still eat all that delicious street food without any worries.

It is important to drink a lot of water when it is hot and when you are active. However, you do not always have access to clean drinking water everywhere. Contaminated water can cause diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid fever and cholera. Make sure you have clean drinking water yourself. Take enough bottles of water when you leave, boil your water before drinking or clean your water with water disinfectant.

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