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Blister plasters Medium
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Wounds need to be treated and bandaged, especially in hot and humid climates, where infection can develop rapidly. If you have a wound, it is important to protect it with a waterproof plaster against water and dirt. You obviously do not want to incur any infection.

Blisters on your feet can make it torturous to walk or stand. If you don’t relieve the pressure or friction with a good plaster, the blister could burst which creates an open wound that is extremely susceptible to infection. Good blister plasters reduce pressure, ease pain, and help prevent infection. The blister remains free of water and dirt, allowing skin to recover. Use the blister plaster on clean, dry, and grease-free skin. The flexible and waterproof plaster remains in place for up to seven days. We recommend against removing the plaster until it falls off. Continue using the blister plaster until the blister is completely healed. Care Plus Blister Plasters are available in Small, Medium, and Finger & Toe which make it easy to choose the right plaster for every blister!

✓ Reduces pain and relieves pressure.
✓ The blister remains free of water and dirt.
✓ Flexible and waterproof.
✓ Remains affixed for up to 7 days.

Dimensions of packaging (l x w x h): 18 x 97 x 155 mm. Weight: 30 grams

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