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Drinking water & hygiene

Pure drinking water and good personal hygiene are the basic elements needed for good health. But when you travel, you often have to deal with less-than-clean drinking water and hygienic conditions that you are not used to. Nevertheless, you can make safe drinking water anywhere in the world and maintain good personal hygiene with the Care Plus® products in your bag!



Travelling? This often means that your body has to adapt to a different climate. Due to excessive heat or physical exertion, your fluid management may be jeopardized. What can you do to prevent dehydration? Make sure that your fluids, sugars and salts are replenished as quickly as possible! With O.R.S. packets you can prevent and treat dehydration. O.R.S. is a necessary part of any travel pharmacy. Or you can use the O.R.S. Scoop to make O.R.S. yourself. Handy!



The abbreviation O.R.S. stands for Oral Rehydration Salts. O.R.S. pouches contain a glucose-salt preparation with the right amounts of sugars and salts that promote the absorption of water. O.R.S. bags belong in every travel medicine kit. No O.R.S. packets available? You can easily make O.R.S. yourself! Make your own rehydration fluid using the handy O.R.S. Scoop. Hang the O.R.S. Scoop as a keychain on your belt or bag!



When travelling you sometimes encounter water that may contain harmful bacteria and viruses, even though it is offered as drinking water. Clean and safe drinking water is not available everywhere. If you are travelling, it is wise to be on the alert for bacteria and viruses in the water. The Care Plus® Water Filter is a multifunctional outdoor water filter system that filters bacteria and protozoa out of the water. With this outdoor water filter system, you can quickly purify water to make it perfectly safe to drink! The Water Filter is very compact and fits easily in your backpack. A super handy outdoor item!



Do you want to prevent becoming infected by a virus via your drinking water? Viruses can still be active in filtered water. Care Plus® Hadex deactivates any viruses present in the water. Hadex contains the right chlorine solution with which you can deactivate bacteria and viruses in water and purify the water to make it clean and safe to drink.



In some countries hygiene is taken into account much less than you are used to. Fortunately, you can do a lot yourself to avoid getting any unpleasant illnesses. How do you keep everything clean without having to carry ten bottles of soap products? With Bio Soap, the biodegradable all-purpose soap from Care Plus®, you can wash your body, your hair, your clothes and do the dishes. No (clean) toilet in the area? Fortunately, the TravelJohn is in your bag!


Bacteria? They are often prevalent on your hands! When travelling, it is even more important to wash your hands regularly and well. Wash your hands and wrists thoroughly before cooking, before eating and after using the toilet. You can use the Care Plus® Soap Leaves: small soap leaves in a handy little box. Another effective option is the Pro Hygiene Gel from Care Plus®. This hand gel is handy on the go because you can use the Pro Hygiene Gel to wash your hands without water. Need to dry your hands? Only use a freshly washed towel! Even better, take your own microfibre travel towel with you: this quick-drying Travel Towel is made from revolutionary microfibers and is available in 3 sizes. The ultra-light, super-absorbent and quick-drying Travel Towel is the ultimate travel towel!