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Hydration recovery

Prevent dehydration with the O.R.S. packets from Care Plus®. The Care Plus® O.R.S. packets are easy to use and promote fluid absorption during physical exertion, such as hiking, cycling and mountaineering. The Care Plus® O.R.S. package contains 12 O.R.S. packets with a glucose-salt preparation. Dehydration may sound less serious than it is. Dehydration leads to reduced performance, a higher body temperature and reduced circulation to, among other things, muscles, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. The brain can also suffer from dehydration; an important symptom of dehydration is confusion. Make sure you can always make O.R.S. with the handy O.R.S. packets from Care Plus®! If left untreated, dehydration can lead to shock, coma and even death. So always be on your guard, especially at higher temperatures, during physical exertion, or if there is vomiting or diarrhoea! Do not leave without O.R.S. packets or the O.R.S. scoop.



What to do to prevent dehydration? Make sure you can always make O.R.S.to replenish your fluid, sugars and salts! The abbreviation O.R.S. stands for Oral Rehydration Salts. O.R.S. is a glucose-salt preparation with the right amounts of sugars and salts needed to promote the absorption of water. O.R.S. is an essential part of every travel medical kit. No O.R.S. packets available? You can make O.R.S. yourself! Make your own rehydration fluid using the handy O.R.S. Scoop. Hang the O.R.S. Scoop as a keychain on your belt or bag!



Dehydration often occurs during and after heavy physical exertion (sports) in high temperatures. In addition, excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, burns or the use of certain medications can lead to dehydration symptoms. Small children (up to 2 years), pregnant women, and people who are chronically ill or elderly have an increased risk of dehydration. Be alert and make sure you always have O.R.S. packets on hand or can make O.R.S. yourself!



How do you know if you are dealing with dehydration? You can look for the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, nausea, feeling weak, tingling, accelerated heartbeat, cold hands and feet, muscle cramps, less sweating and urination. Do you suffer from one or more symptoms? Then you may have dehydration or heat stroke. Immediately replenish your moisture, salts and sugars with O.R.S. packets from Care Plus®. Drink, rest, cool your neck and forehead with ice and seek medical help quickly.


What actually happens in your body when you exert yourself at higher temperatures? In warmer weather, your body has to work harder. The body will dilate all blood vessels, to get rid of as much heat as possible. More blood will go to your skin and less to muscles that you use during physical activity. Less oxygen is supplied, and waste products are disposed of less efficiently. This ensures reduced performance. Exercising at higher temperatures? Use O.R.S. packets for optimal performance!


People sweat more during the summer. At temperatures above 25 degrees you can get into trouble. You can easily lose more than 2 litres of fluids and salts per hour. Your performance will quickly deteriorate. After considerable physical exertion, where you have not had enough to drink, you may have lost 6 percent of your body weight in fluid. You are then likely to be dehydrated. Your blood becomes more viscous and thus your body cannot dissipate heat as well. Your body temperature will therefore be rising. The blood circulation to your muscles, kidneys and gastrointestinal system decreases. Your brain also suffers, and you may experience confusion and reduced consciousness.



Prevent dehydration and do not wait with drinking until you get thirsty: you have already lost too much fluid! Load consistent drinking breaks and take O.R.S. bags from Care Plus® to keep your fluid balance healthy.