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Personal hygiene

Travelling can be great, but of course, making a long trip is not without risk. Insect-borne diseases are lurking in subtropical and tropical areas. Vaccinations protect us against many, but not all infectious diseases. Good personal hygiene is your best weapon in the fight against bacteria! With the Care Plus® products you are assured of optimum hygiene at all times.



Good personal hygiene is a matter of common sense. When travelling to subtropical or tropical areas, there are many things you can do to ensure that you do not get any unpleasant illnesses. How do you keep everything clean without carrying ten bottles of soap products? With Bio Soap, the biodegradable soap from Care Plus®!



The Bio Soap from Care Plus® is a multifunctional all-in-one cleanser. This biodegradable soap is very concentrated, so you do not need to use much of it. Need to wash your hands? Bio Soap! Hand-washing your sweaty t-shirts? Your plate, cutlery and cup? Bio Soap! Want to wash your hair? Bio Soap! It is all possible with this fine, biodegradable all-purpose soap from Care Plus®!



Wash your hands and wrists thoroughly before cooking, before eating and after using the toilet. You can use the Care Plus® Soap Leaves. Rub a scented soap leaf between your hands with some water and they will be clean and fresh again. Dirty nails? Use a brush! Dry your hands with something that is new and clean, like a paper towel. Or hold them under a hot air blower (do not touch!). Another effective way to clean your hands is to use a good hand gel, such as the Pro Hygiene Gel from Care Plus®. It’s handy on the go because with the Pro Hygiene Gel you can wash your hands without water.



Using a clean towel is very important. Drying your clean body or hands with a towel full of bacteria... well you might as well not even wash! To prevent contamination, take your favourite towel with you on a trip and do not share it with anyone. Choose compact quality: the Travel Towel Microfibre Towel from Care Plus® is ideal for the traveller. This ultra-light travel towel is made of a revolutionary microfibre, allowing the cloth to absorb its own weight more than seven times. How is that for efficient? And it is soft too! The nice Travel Towel from Care Plus® is available in sizes small, medium and large.



In addition to frequently washing your hands and drying them well, you can also avoid getting infected with a nasty illness by following the tips below.

• Keep your nails short and clean
• No (clean) toilet? Use the Care Plus® TravelJohn
• Wear cotton underwear
• Wear slippers in the shower
• Wear closed shoes on sandy ground
• Wear water shoes in the sea. Sea urchins and coral can cause nasty skin infections
• Shaving or getting a shave? Only use a new sterile razor blade or a shaver
• Use a good anti-insect product
• Protect yourself against insects with an impregnated mosquito net and
• Bugsox
• Bring condoms from your own country and keep them in a place that is not too hot
• Do not get a piercing or tattoo abroad to prevent infection with hepatitis B
• Do not touch animals. Animals like dogs, cats, bats and monkeys can be infected with rabies. After contact with an animal, immediately wash the skin or wound with soap and water and then disinfect with alcohol 70% or betadine. Then consult a doctor.