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Water purification

When you travel or trek into the wilderness, you often do not have access to drinking water with the quality you are used to. The water may be contaminated and have an unpleasant odour or taste. You do not want to drink it just like that. But carrying litres of bottled water with you costs a lot of money and energy. With the outdoor Water Filter and drinking water disinfectant Hadex from Care Plus® you can inexpensively purify water so that you always have clean drinking water!



The Care Plus® Water Filter is a multifunctional outdoor water filter system that filters bacteria and protozoa (single-celled organisms) out of the water. This allows you to purify less-than-clean water to make safe drinking water. The Care Plus® outdoor water filter system is ultra-light and fits in the palm of your hand. It weighs only 65 grams and is therefore also suitable for backpackers and travellers who want to take as little as possible. To purify water for drinking, use the Water Filter for squeeze bag, straw, water bottle or inline hydration system. Rinse the filter to extend its life. Note: the outdoor water filter does not affect viruses.


Do you also want to deactivate any viruses in your drinking water? That's what Hadex will do for you! Hadex from Care Plus® is a very effective disinfectant for drinking water. Hadex contains the right chlorine solution that deactivates bacteria and viruses in water. The first step is purifying water with the outdoor water filter from Care Plus®. Then you make it really suitable as drinking water with Hadex, which attacks any viruses.



The special chlorine solution makes the water from pipes, taps and wells reliable and free of any viruses. But you can also use Hadex to improve the quality of the water in the water tank of your camper, boat or caravan and to purify the water so that it is safe to drink. At the beginning of the season, add a bottle of Hadex (30 ml) to the water tank (at least 150 litres) and you are certain to have pure drinking water in your camper, boat or caravan.



Hadex works quickly, simply and is completely safe. You can purify the water first with the outdoor Water Filter from Care Plus®. Then take a glass of (filtered) water of 0.2 liter and add a drop of Hadex to it. After 30 minutes of contact time, the water is purified and the smell and taste of the chlorine solution has disappeared. The glass of water is now safe for consumption. Hadex is supplied in a 30 ml bottle and can be safely used for a long time.