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Blister plaster

Looking for blister plasters that you can take with you on a trip or on a long hike? Then the blister plasters of Care Plus® are for you. The blister plasters are specially designed for every blister. Choose from the small, medium or the toe and finger blister plasters. Blisters can develop very quickly. You only need to wear the wrong shoes for a short time or have wet feet while walking and you are guaranteed to get a blister. Blisters can occur not only on your feet but also on your hands.



During travel people tend to move around a great deal. To visit all the beautiful sites or experience adventures, you obviously have to move. When you are travelling, you move a lot more than usual, which increases the risk of unpleasant blisters. A blister plaster ensures that you no longer suffer from the blister and that you can just continue with what you were doing. The blister plasters from Care Plus® are ideal for walking, mountain climbing, running, jogging and many more outdoor activities.


Blister plasters are made to adhere well to your skin. It is important to apply the plasters to dry skin as much as possible. Also ensure the area around the blister is as clean as possible during the application of the plaster. Note that an untreated blister can suddenly burst open and cause an infection. This is especially true if you, for example, wear open shoes, as dirt and bacteria can quickly enter the open wound.