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Insect repellent socks

Looking for sturdy hiking socks? Then the Care Plus® impregnated bugsox are for you. These hiking socks are impregnated to prevent insect bites such as from ticks. The Care Plus® hiking socks come in different sizes and colours. The impregnated hiking socks are ideal for a walking, city trips or hiking, but also for use during exercise. Sizes for the whole family Insect and tick-resistant! Moisture regulating and quick drying (Coolmax®)



The insect-resistant Care Plus® bugsox hiking socks are available in four different colours. The hiking socks are for everyone; the sizes range from 35 to 47. According to scientific research, many types of (malaria-carrying) mosquitoes and flies sting mainly in the feet, ankles and lower legs. Ticks live in low vegetation such as tall grass, shrubs and heather and quickly come in contact with your feet or legs. If you protect your feet, you reduce the chance of insect stings and tick bites enormously!


Are you headed to the great outdoors? Protect yourself from insect bites! Cover your skin with clothing as much as possible. In addition, it is advisable to apply a good insect repellent to the uncovered skin. Try our Anti-Insect products, available with or without DEET. Want to optimally protect your feet, ankles and lower legs against insect bites? Try Bugsox: the insect-repellent and impregnated hiking socks from Care Plus®!



Care Plus® Bugsox protect your feet, ankles and lower legs against both insect and tick bites. Ticks can infect you with a bacterium that can cause Lyme disease. A tick bite can be prevented by covering your skin as much as possible. Always wear long trousers and tuck your trouser legs into your socks. For optimal protection against bites and stings, choose the impregnated Bugsox from Care Plus®, which are available in two variants, Adventure and City, and in various colours. An additional advantage is that they are wonderfully comfortable and keep your feet fresh, even during exercise.



If you get a tick bite, it is essential that you get the right treatment right away. This consists of first correctly and safely removing the tick with the Care Plus® Tick Remover. Do this preferably within 8 hours after the tick bite. Only after removal of the tick should you disinfect the bite with alcohol. Read more about the occurrence of ticks here.