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Anti tick

Do you enjoy spending time in nature or in the garden? Beware of ticks! A tick can infect you with a bacterium that can cause Lyme disease. You can do a lot to prevent a tick bite. Have you already been bitten? How do you remove a tick quickly and safely and how do you know if you are infected? With the products of Care Plus® you can prevent a tick bite, remove the tick and even test removed ticks for the presence of the borrelia bacteria.




Ticks. In the Netherlands alone there are about 100,000 ticks per square kilometre and they can be dangerous. More than 20% of these bloodthirsty bugs are infected with the Borrelia bacteria that can cause Lyme disease. So prevent such a nasty tick bite. Care Plus® has a whole range of products – from sprays with and without DEET to impregnated socks – that keep ticks at bay. This is necessary because every year 1.2 million Dutch people are bitten. The first step to reduce bites is awareness. This is why Care Plus® will come up with a special infographic this year full of facts about ticks. Help us stop ticks and reduce the number of new Lyme patients. After all, good preparation is half the work.




You can do a lot to avoid getting a tick bite. What is the optimal way to prevent tick bites? First, cover your skin as much as possible. Wear long trousers and tuck your trouser legs into your socks. Wear the impregnated Bugsox from Care Plus® and apply a good tick-resistant product, such as the Anti-Insect DEET 50% Lotion from Care Plus®. With these prevention tips you can simply avoid most tick bites!



Already bitten by a tick? A quick and correct diagnosis and treatment are essential. The right treatment consists of first correctly and safely removing the tick with the Care Plus® Tick Remover. Do this preferably within 8 hours after the tick bite. Only after removal of the tick should you disinfect the bite with alcohol. Do you want to know if the removed tick is infected with the bacterium that can cause Lyme disease? Do the Care Plus® Tick Test and you will know!


Have you been spending time outdoors? Then check yourself carefully for tick bites! If you find a tick bite, it is very important to quickly and correctly remove the tick with a good tick tweezers. If you do this within 8 hours after the tick bite, the chance of contamination is still small. Remove the tick quickly and easily with the Care Plus® Tick Remover. Then disinfect the tick bite with alcohol.


Does the tick test show that you may have been infected by the tick bite? Or has a red ring formed around a tick bite (sometimes weeks later)? Do you not feel well after a tick bite? A quick and expert treatment is now of great importance. The sooner the treatment starts, the greater the chance is that it will be effective. Contact your doctor immediately.