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The ultimate package guide for an carefree festival weekend

The ultimate package guide for an carefree festival weekend Good music, good company and nothing to worry about: we are in the middle of the festival season. With epic festivals like Sziget and Lowlands still ahead, it is important that you go well prepared. Put these 9 products in your backpack, and you can go all weekend without coming home with unpleasant ailments.

Nice pictures or an arm full of festival bracelets are great ways to keep festival memories alive. Insect bites however, are not. Always use Anti Insect Spray, which works for six hours, and helps against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. If you have not paid attention and have fallen prey to a tick (like a whole number of guests at Rock Werchter this summer), the Tick Remover offers a solution.

Festivals are an attack on your body hygiene: all that dancing in the warm sun does not make you feel any fresher. That combined with flying beer and sleeping in a sweltering tent on a meadow, will sometimes lead to a smell here and there. Giving your clothes a short hand wash is not a bad idea at all, although you do not want to contaminate the lawn with chemicals. Think of the cows, use a biodegradable soap! This keeps the lawn green and healthy. Saves also in the luggage, that is because this soap is also suitable for the skin and hair. With the amount of food trucks that sell delicious snacks, it is difficult to hold back. With the pro hygiene gel in your bag, you do not have to be afraid of bacteria, because this gel cleans your hands in no time without having to use soap or water.

Are the rows for the toilets too long? Or is it the middle of the night, laying comfortably in your sleeping bag and do you not want to walk to the toilet to empty your bladder? Then the TravelJohn is a godsend. This bag is a portable urinal, suitable for men and women, and can be used up to an absorption capacity of 800 ml. So, go ahead, take a beer.

Non-stop partying is an intensive job, we understand that. Your feet often fall victim to it. Patch them up with the First Aid Kit Light Walker, a compact box with products to treat blisters and other injuries on your feet. In order to prevent these unpleasant aches and pains, we recommend the Foot Powder. This powder prevents friction, irritation and blistering and also soothes the skin immediately, so you can go through the whole weekend without pain.

Of course, you want to get a nice tan during a festival, but make sure you have good protection. Especially during the hottest moment of the day, you burn before you realize it. The Sunscreen Face & Lip SPF50 protects your face and lips against harmful radiation and burning.
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