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Mosquito nets

A mosquito net keeps mosquitoes and flies away from your body. Your night's rest is not disturbed by that irritating hum and, in the morning, you are not covered with itchy bumps. A mosquito net provides a lot of comfort! If you travel to a subtropical or tropical destination, then an impregnated mosquito net is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. An impregnated mosquito net can prevent serious health problems!




For use at home, within Europe or in areas without a malaria risk, an unimpregnated mosquito net is sufficient. For areas where malaria is prevalent, Care Plus® recommends the use of an impregnated mosquito net. An impregnated mosquito net has been treated with sustainable Durallin-impregnation technology. This impregnation lasts up to three years in daily use and prevents mosquitoes from landing on the net and biting through it. As the malaria risk sometimes varies depending on the season, the GGD advises malaria pills for some destinations. If you go to the tropics for a longer period of time, a cure may even be mandatory. Make sure you are aware of the requirements well ahead of time.


A disturbed night's sleep and itchy mosquito bites are annoying. But if you are stung or bitten by an insect that carries a disease, you really have a problem! An insect bite can lead to dangerous diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and the West Nile virus. In areas where malaria is present, you always need an impregnated mosquito net. When a mosquito bites, it can inject parasites into your blood. This can be life-threatening if you are dealing with malaria tropica. Buying an impregnated mosquito net can prevent infection!


Do you want to buy the best and safest mosquito net? All Care Plus® mosquito nets, head nets and Bug Sheets have a mesh size in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization. The Care Plus® assortment offers both single and double mosquito nets, both with (one or four) and without suspension points. A Care Plus® mosquito net is easy to hang and comes with a mounting kit. The mosquito nets come in 4 different shapes: bell, box, wedge and dome. The bell-shaped mosquito net has a small round circle at the suspension point so that it falls nice and wide. The box-shaped mosquito net has a square shape, which ensures that you are unlikely to lie against the mosquito net. The wedge version is very simple and falls directly under the suspension point; this form is easy to hang. The dome mosquito net is really a travel mosquito net. It is easy to carry and can be set up at any location without suspension points.



First ventilate the room well and then hang up the net; in any case do this before sunset, when most (malaria) mosquitoes are active. Also use a good anti-insect product on yourself in the evening and during the day. Hanging up your mosquito net is fortunately very easy. The mosquito nets from Care Plus® are supplied with a complete mounting kit, consisting of hooks, a nail, safety pins and rope. Make a fastening point above your bed or run a rope horizontally above the bed to which the mosquito net can be attached. Read more information about hanging a mosquito net here.